COVID-19 Crisis Drives Innovation in Hospitals and Other Healthcare Institutions

When COVID-19 first emerged, hospitals worldwide were overwhelmed, under resourced, and at the epicenter of the crisis. With no standard operating procedures for COVID-19, and more and more patients presenting themselves at emergency departments, hospital staff had to rapidly adapt to the situation at hand and become the model for care.

In the aftermath of the outbreak, many governments around the world implemented varying degrees of lockdown and containment measures, though many businesses and their staff have been deemed essential and fight on the frontlines everyday – first responders especially. Understanding how important it is for communities to continue having access to quality care, close to home, hospitals have been tasked to keep their patients and staff safe, while continuing to be a stabilizing force for anxious communities.

In response, leadership teams immediately jumped into action to develop comprehensive health and wellness screening protocols for anyone entering their facility (or facilities), typically including a temperature check, which numerous studies and governments recommend as part of a multifaceted approach to reducing the spread of COVID-19. With no time to wait, temperature checks in most hospitals were conducted manually in the early stages of the pandemic, and manual checks are still the norm in many facilities today.

With vaccines now rolling out and the crisis (hopefully) stabilizing, executive teams have begun to explore how they can optimize the new screening protocols that have been put in place. Options are relatively limited in the market for autonomous or semi-autonomous temperature screening systems, especially when so many institutions have fixed and limited budgets, a demand for a medical-grade product is a must, and administrators don’t want to invade users’ privacy or have them violate social distancing protocols. The ThermalPass is the ideal solution for healthcare institutions (hospitals and medical clinics, etc.) to implement to meet those criteria and beyond as it has been designed to integrate into a multitude of new or pre-existing enterprise solutions.

To date, ThermalPass has secured orders from a hospital group in Florida with plans to achieve state-wide penetration across the U.S. where there are 6,146 hospitals according to The American Hospital Association. In Canada, ThermalPass also plans to secure orders across all provinces where there are more than 1,200 hospitals according to Statista.

As a positive to takeaway from the pandemic, it is that crisis fosters rapid innovation and implementation. Our team and our clients believe in the technology that we’ve built and we look forward to continue exceeding expectations and innovating on our ThermalPass platform in the future.

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ThermalPass is not making any express or implied claims that its product has the ability to eliminate, cure or contain the COVID-19 (or SARS-2 coronavirus) at this time. That said, it is a very compelling component in any healthcare institution’s COVID-19 toolbox to aid in the thoughtfulness of social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing/sanitizing protocols, and all of the other mindful and effective risk mitigation practices we’ve all been employing to help keep the pandemic under manageable control.