About Michael Lende - Predictiv AI

My name is Michael Lende and as the incoming President & CEO of Predictiv AI, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to all of you - the AI and industrial IoT software and solutions community who are helping to make our company what it is today.

I'm thrilled to be part of this amazing team and even happier to lead the company through this exciting transformative time. Seeing our team's passion for customers and drive for bar raising innovation is inspiring, and that enthusiasm to solve problems is the very embodiment of a new product we are developing called ThermalPass. ThermalPass is a new crowd accommodating fever-detection system being designed for entranceways of high-traffic, public locations to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus and other fever-bearing contagions.

As we all begin to contemplate strategies to jumpstarting world economies post COVID-19, our vision is that ThermalPass will play a critical role in rebuilding trust and ensuring safe access to events, businesses, and places wherever people congregate.

We believe our predictiv AI technology combined with our cutting-edge data analytics engine will fundamentally assist in pandemic crisis management and other health threats we are sure to face in the years to come. Current global realities have sparked innovation at Predictiv AI, and our AI Labs will be bringing forth novel real-world solutions in the very near term.

Business opportunities are our business and since I started consulting at Predictiv AI this past November, I have identified new prospects in the insurance, logistics, fleet management industries and public safety arena where our deep machine learning-based products and proprietary datasets are much-needed solutions to push business forward in these market sectors.

I will be publishing weekly online blogs providing insights and exciting opportunities as they relate to our predictiv AI developments and solutions. I look forward to what's to come and sharing inspiring ideas and innovative new products for what promises to be a very successful 2020 for the Predictiv AI


Michael Lende
President & CEO
Predictiv AI

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Introducing ThermalPass
Medical Grade Fever Detection System

Provide a safer environment for your customers, tenants and employees while acting as an ambassador in the overall fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

How It Works

Thermalpass is a non-imposing, unobtrusive system that blends into its environment while identifying potential at risk carriers. It detects body temperature using its touchless, infrared, thermal medical grade sensors. ThermalPass is built for easy assembly and mobility. Its sleek and modern engineering is designed for minimal disruption while taking accurate thermal readings.

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