PAI operates through two divisions: Weather Telematics and AI Labs.

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Weather Telematics Inc. ("WTX") is an IoT/AI data science company that provides Ground Truth weather-related intelligence data products for global enterprise, government and consumer markets. Through our distinctive patented artificial intelligence and IoT sensor technology, we provide government, insurance, agriculture, public safety, fleet management & outdoor event industries with up to 72-hours advance predictive weather data.

The WTX team includes leading experts in weather, applied artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics and IoT sensor technology. Our mobile vehicle-based road temperature, weather and Air Quality Sensors provide unmatched accuracy, resolution and quality at a fraction of the cost and complexity of their ground station competitors.

In 2019, weather-related events caused over $10 billion of economic loss in the United States alone. Weather risk impacts the insurance, agriculture, public safety, logistics/fleet management and outdoor event industries among others. Our products and services help organizations to mitigate these risks by providing them with advance notification services.

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AI Labs Inc., our R&D division, is developing an application for our patented sensors which will address the COVID 19 crisis and will also serve society in a post-COVID-19 environment. Moreover, our predictive AI technology combined with our cutting-edge data analytics engine, will fundamentally assist in pandemic crisis management. Current global realities have sparked innovation at PAI, and our AI Labs will be bringing forth novel real-world solutions in the very near term. Our research and product development arm and is commissioned by a tier 1 retail sales channel to develop ourRecognition AI product. We are also working on a new product solution for road weather contextual driver scoring, and a plug’n play product for one Canada’s tier 1 Telcos.