A few words from the CEO.

I am excited to be leading the talented and dynamic team at the Predictiv AI. Acting in a consulting role since November, I have identified several new prospects in various verticals where our machine learning-based products and proprietary data-sets are much-needed solutions. These scalable opportunities, which are moving forward in real-time, have presented themselves in the insurance, logistics and fleet management industries in addition to public safety. Our AI Labs Inc. R&D division is developing an application for our patented sensor which will address the COVID 19 crisis and will also serve the society in a post-COVID-19 environment. Moreover, our predictiv AI technology combined with our cutting-edge data analytics engine will fundamentally assist in pandemic crisis management. Current global realities have sparked innovation at PAI, and our AI Labs will be bringing forth novel real-world solutions in the very near term. 

I will be publishing weekly online blogs providing insights and exciting opportunities as they relate to our predictiv Ai developments and solutions. I look forward to sharing inspiring and innovative new products for what promises to be a very successful 2020 for the Predictiv AI 


Michael Lende
President & CEO
Predictiv AI