Alert Fleet Mobile App Turns Weather Data into Life-Saving Insights for Fleet Operators who Depend on Accurate Road Condition Updates

According to Allied Market Research, the fleet management market size is expected to reach more than $34 billion by 2022 with the automotive sector, including light and heavy commercial vehicles, dominating the market sector. That strategically positions our latest Alert Fleet Road Hazard mobile app as the go-to, cost-effective solution for the more than 22 million commercial vehicles on the road worldwide.

Next month, Weather Telematics Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Predictiv AI, will be outfitting the new 70-vehicle US fleet for Skelton Truck Lines Ltd. with the app. Skelton Truck Lines provides transportation for temperature-controlled products for the pharmaceutical and biologics industry and delivers cargo to 32 states across the US from terminals in Toronto and Montreal.

The Alert Fleet mobile app generates hyper-local, road weather alerts giving drivers advanced warnings of dangerous conditions and providing alternative options to avert crisis. This technology is derived from Weather Telematics’ patented “ground truth” sensors, which have collected over 10 years of real-time road weather data and when met with current atmospheric temperatures, provide a predictive outcome.

Any fleet knows that inclement weather can wreak havoc on making timely deliveries while putting cargo and the lives of truck drivers at risk. That’s why Skelton is installing Alert Fleet’s AI-assisted technology to secure real-time weather information so their routes can be adjusted in case of blizzards, heavy rains and other dangerous weather conditions that make roadways difficult to impossible to navigate.

Weather Telematics and Alert Fleet have been conducting in-field testing of its sensors and collecting proprietary data for over 100 million miles, providing unparalleled accuracy for real-time road weather conditions. Unlike its competitors, the company does not rely on open-source data, but rather uses proprietary historical information that meet current atmospheric temperatures to determine and predict dangerous hyperlocal hazards. It can detect surface conditions such as black ice, freezing rain, fog, hydroplaning risk, slush, or snow. That equates to saving lives, money and making fleets more productive.

US carriers lose more than $2.85 billion due to weather-related accidents. Alert Fleet can help significantly decrease some of those losses and reduce the number of accidents and delays. The app can also add up to big savings for fleet companies and fleet management software companies when it comes to potentially lowering insurance premiums.

Many insurance companies see the benefits of telematics and are offering insurance discounts to fleets that utilize telematics to become more efficient and safer. Even avoiding one single accident is likely to lead to considerable savings in terms of potential vehicle damage, personal injury, and insurance premium adjustments.

For example, insurance premiums average $7,000 per truck per year while deductibles are typically a minimum of $20,000 per accident.  The down time off the grid for one truck can result in a $5,000 loss in revenue per week, in addition to the out-of-pocket expense for accidents that don’t hit the deductible threshold which can be anywhere from $7,000 to $17,000 per accident. Alert Fleet can greatly reduce expenses in premiums, deductibles, out of pocket, and down time expenses.

The Skelton partnership is demonstrating how the Alert Fleet Road Hazard mobile app works in tandem with Weather Telematics’ proven sensor technology in mitigating the risk of accidents in all types of hazardous conditions. Many fleet software solution firms have informed us that our weather technology is exactly what is missing from their suite of offerings and that their fleet customers are eager to adopt our solution to keep drivers safe. 

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Michael Lende
President and CEO