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It has been an extraordinarily busy month of May at Predictiv AI as we continue to build momentum on several exciting fronts. Our subsidiary, AI Labs Inc., has been working on numerous groundbreaking projects, including ThermalPassTM. It is a fever detection system designed to enhance public safety that will instantly screen for higher than normal body temperatures in potential carriers of coronavirus and other fevers. ThermalPassTM will be stationed at the entranceways of high-traffic locations including bus and train stations, airports, schools, retail outlets, malls, office buildings, sport venues and other public spaces.

Our other subsidiary, Weather Telematics Inc., is bringing new transportation related solutions to market. With two divisions developing concurrently, it is essential that we build out our executive team strategically and carefully, considering our plans to aggressively build our business over the summer months ahead. 

On the heels of launching ThermalPassTM, we are now in an even better place to continue building out services that enable our customers to make better business decisions and drive greater results to their bottom line.

To that end we have made some exciting additions to our management team. Darryl Smith, Chief Technology Officer of Predictiv AI, has now taken on the additional role of CTO of AI Labs Inc., the product development arm of the company.

Malcolm Rook, a highly accomplished electronics engineer, has been appointed Chief Innovation Officer of AI Labs Inc. and Robert Klein, a 20 plus year public/private operations, technology, telecom, and consumer packaged goods industry executive, has become our Chief Operating Officer. Lastly, Thomas Park has joined the team as Vice President of Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs.

I have always believed in and adhered to the philosophy that strong leadership must surround itself with great people. I have every confidence that this assembled team has the necessary expertise in the requisite areas, to help our customers become more successful.

These seasoned industry veterans possess all the complementary experience and strengths to lead our company forward. This planned evolution of our leadership structure is an important step to ensure we are positioned to meet and exceed our customers’ needs, today and in the future. We have strengthened our company significantly, to ensure business success and to drive shareholder value.

To read more about the expansion of our executive team and to learn more about these leaders, please click on our recent press release at: https://bit.ly/36bpkL0. As always, if you have any suggestions or questions please reach out to me directly. 


Predictiv AI

Michael Lende
President and CEO